The team

The core of our craftings

Picture of Tina

Tina, master of mixes

As the owner, Tina is not only the driving force behind the Mixology Heaven bar, but also a source of inspiration for her team. Her commitment to the highest quality and attention to detail is reflected in every aspect of the bar, from the choice of ingredients to the presentation of the cocktails. Tina’s Bar is not only a place of indulgence, but also of innovation. As „The Master of Mixes“, she is not afraid to experiment and is always on the lookout for new trends and flavor combinations. This creative approach has meant that the Mixology Heaven bar not only attracts local guests, but is also known beyond the borders.


The challenger

Picture of Caitlyn

As soon as you enter the bar, you can feel the unique atmosphere that Caitlyn has created. With her artistic flair and unrivaled passion for mixology, she has created a space that is not only a place of enjoyment, but also a place of inspiration. Caitlyn’s reputation stems from her ability to create unique and memorable cocktails. Her creations are not just drinks, but true works of art that engage the senses and push flavor boundaries. Her mixes are so innovative that guests come from all over the city to try her latest creations.


Our shake-lover

Picture of Harry

At the Mixology Heaven bar, Harry is the undisputed master of the shaker. His cocktail mixing skills are so impressive that he is admired by regulars and colleagues alike. With a fluid elegance and precision that is second to none, he conjures up masterful creations that not only delight the palate, but are also a visual spectacle. For Harry, cocktail shaking is more than just a skill – it is an art form that he is passionate about. His repertoire ranges from classic cocktails to his own creative concoctions, and he accompanies every order with a smile and a dose of charm.


The new creator

Picture of Ann-Mary

Ann-Mary brings a unique blend of curiosity and passion that inspires not only her colleagues but also the bar’s guests. As „the new creator“, she has set herself the task of exploring the boundaries of cocktail creation and creating innovative taste experiences. Despite her comparatively short time at Mixology Heaven, Ann-Mary has already established herself as an up-and-coming talent. Her dedication, enthusiasm and skill with a wide variety of spirits have quickly made her a valued colleague.